Altars are no longer needed for Sacrifice

God requires a blood sacrifice. From the time sin entered the world this has been true. He Himself slew the innocent animal, shedding the blood to clothe the sinful pair in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3:21). Abel was accepted because he brought the offering God required: the firstling of the flock, a blood sacrifice (Genesis 4:4). All of these were but promissory notes anticipating the Lamb of God whose blood was to be shed, providing the "one sacrifice for sins forever." Only His blood could atone for sin.

An unblemished sacrifice was essential in paying the price of man's redemption. Only the spotless Lamb, God's well-beloved Son Jesus, could atone by shedding His blood. Not all the blood of beasts on Jewish altars slain could give the guilty conscience peace or wash away the stain. But Christ the Heavenly Lamb takes all our sins away; a sacrifice of nobler name and richer blood than they. Not the blood of a sinful man or animal, but the precious blood of the Heaven-sent Sacrifice makes possible the removal of all our sins.

Without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin (Matthew 26:28), and it is the blood that maketh atonement for the soul. God is satisfied with His Son's offering. Nothing more is required. Altars are no longer needed for sacrifice.

The Old Testament

The New Testament