To Justify a Sin

In these last days there are some people and even our President Obama, trying to convince others that sin is a good thing. These people have no fear of the one and only living God. Let me start by asking, would you hire a thief as an employee or to house sit? Would you hire a known child molester to watch your children? Would you give a known killer a weapon? Would you commit adultery and expect your other half to not think anything of it? Would you trust a drunkard in a wine store if he had no money?

The Word of God is unchanging. God does not change his mind on the laws that He set before us. Marriage was defined by God some 6000 years ago. The abortion of unborn children is still killing. A drunkard is still going to Hell. Sin years ago, is still SIN today.

The Gays want equality; the Whores want pro choice, child molesters want your kids, and the Thieves want into your home. Why not give them what they want?

Sin will always be sin no matter how you justify it.

Jesus said in Mark 7:7 “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” So just because your government says it’s ok, it’s NOT ok with God.

People sin because they don’t understand or never heard God’s word. Many of them are not aware they offend God because either they have never been taught the Truth, or they have decided to justify their sins by listening or doing as others do. Sin will always be sin in God’s Eyes, no matter how small the sin. Many of those who commit grievous sin, somehow always manage to defend their so-called ‘right to sin’ by blinding themselves to the evil that their sin represents.

There is only one Truth. In your hearts, every single one of you knows the difference between right and wrong. Accept Jesus as your Saviour now and turn from sin, before you face the eternal fires of Hell.

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