Where is God?

Our founding government leaders stated over and over their deep conviction that acknowledgement of God and the Christian religion are vital to the survival of the nation. The moral and spiritual values of the American people are failing. America's children are part of a cultural shift from a God-centered culture to a self-centered culture. And when you remove God out of your lives Satan himself will start controlling you. Satan promises the people in the world all of the good things of this world if they follow him.

Who today would believe that America's Founders...

  • Acknowledged Jesus Christ as our gracious Redeemer
  • Advocated the exclusivity and priority of Christianity
  • Affirmed the critical importance of the Bible to the people
  • Asked God to forgive Americans for their sins
  • Beseeched God to spread Christianity throughout the Earth
  • Requested that God establish American Independence on Christianity and Christian morality
  • Urged Americans to keep all of God's laws
  • Credited God with America's military success and national prosperity
  • Enjoined on Americans the practice of Christianity as the foundation of national happiness
Today people ask: Where is God?
The answer to that is simple... In just 237 years we have let our government take God out of our culture by removing Him from all aspects of the public square. We have a government that requires employers to provide abortion pills to their employees regardless of their faith. Our government thinks that same sex marriage is ok by all standards. Currently 9 states have passed same sex marriage as law and Mr. Obama is influncing more states to do the same. I don't foresee ever of reversing this because there is so much un-belief in today society. One in four American's today is a born again Christian, and that it fading fast.

To put God back in our Nation we would have to...
  • Return from the depths of moral wickedness
  • Reclaim our Christian heritage
  • Reaffirm Biblical values in public life
  • Put God back in all public places.
A person without God, there is no Hope of escaping the grave. No hope of overcoming their struggles. Without Godís mercy, we have no hope of overcoming our past. Without the meaning that God gives to life, without the sense of purpose that He provides, we have no hope of overcoming the problems that life presents.

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