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The Definition of the word Abel-beth-maachah


Meadow of the house of Maachah, a city in the north of "Palestine, in the neighbourhood of Dan and Ijon, in the tribe of" Naphtali. It was a place of considerable strength and "importance. It is called a "mother in Israel", i.e., a" metropolis (2 Sam. 20:19). It was besieged by Joab (2 Sam. "20:14), by Benhadad (1 Kings 15:20), and by Tiglath-pileser (2" "Kings 15:29) about B.C. 734. It is elsewhere called Abel-maim," "meadow of the waters, (2 Chr. 16:4). Its site is occupied by the" "modern Abil or Abil-el-kamh, on a rising ground to the east of" "the brook Derdarah, which flows through the plain of Huleh into" "the Jordan, about 6 miles to the west-north-west of Dan."

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