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The Definition of the word Adder


(Ps. 140:3; Rom. 3:13, asp") is the rendering of, (1.) Akshub" "("coiling" or "lying in wait"), properly an asp or viper, found" "only in this passage. (2.) Pethen ("twisting"), a viper or" venomous serpent identified with the cobra (Naja haje) (Ps. "58:4; 91:13); elsewhere "asp." (3.) Tziphoni ("hissing") (Prov." "23:32); elsewhere rendered "cockatrice," Isa. 11:8; 14:29; 59:5;" "Jer. 8:17, as it is here in the margin of the Authorized" "Version. The Revised Version has "basilisk." This may have been" "the yellow viper, the Daboia xanthina, the largest and most" dangerous of the vipers of Palestine. (4.) Shephiphon "("creeping"), occurring only in Gen. 49:17, the small speckled" "venomous snake, the "horned snake," or cerastes. Dan is compared" "to this serpent, which springs from its hiding-place on the" passer-by.

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