A Heavy Cross

A light moved out upon the street outside
A day that wasn't meant to meet & greet
Thorn crown was placed upon his head
The shouts of intense anger from the angry mob,
There was only one who would help to get back on my feet,
A light that brought only a few to greet,
Let us not try to run away & pretend,
Each one of our sins was placed on that cross,
To lose the battle now would end in a tragic loss.
Father, please forgive them for they know not what they may do.
Jesus said the prayer, Now the rest is up to you,
The cross that had divided a sinful world apart,
With his blood soaked crown, With a spear in his side
Only to show all the world he really had nothing to hide;
This summoned cry brought about healing in the sky
Set your eyes above Watch on the free angelic white dove fly !

Submitted by: Mario William Vitale
of Wolcott, Connecticut

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