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The Definition of the word Anathoth


The name of one of the cities of refuge, in the tribe of "Benjamin (Josh. 21:18). The Jews, as a rule, did not change the" names of the towns they found in Palestine; hence this town may be regarded as deriving its name from the goddess Anat. It was "the native place of Abiezer, one of David's "thirty" (2 Sam." "23:27), and of Jehu, another of his mighty men (1 Chr. 12:3). It" "is chiefly notable, however, as the birth-place and usual" residence of Jeremiah (Jer. 1:1; 11:21-23; 29:27; 32:7-9). It "suffered greatly from the army of Sennacherib, and only 128 men" returned to it from the Exile (Neh. 7:27; Ezra 2:23). It lay about 3 miles north of Jerusalem. It has been identified with "the small and poor village of `Anata, containing about 100" inhabitants.

The Old Testament

The New Testament