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Family Articles

Spiritual Child Abuse
Marriage and Same Sex Unions
To Justify a Sin

Forgiveness of Sins - Salvation

Can a saved person ever become unsaved, or lose their salvation?
Repentance: One must Repent to be Saved
Choose Your God
Christianity vs. Religion
Spiritual Laws in the Bible

Health and Well-being Articles

The Bible Definition of Depression
The Twenty Third Psalm
Can your Conscience be your Guide?
How do you perceive God?
Put God's Word in Your Mind, Heart and Soul.
Man's Obsession for Material Things

Our Nation Yesterday and Today

Where Is God?
America's Christian Roots

The End of Times Articles

The Coming Four Blood Moons A must read!
The Last Days
Endtime Signs in the Bible
Jesus is coming Soon, Time is at Hand!
The End is Coming

Miscellaneous E-mailed Articles

God Lives Under The Bed
Recall Notice from God
Why Jesus is Better than Santa
Alabama Judge Refuses to Remove The Ten Commandments
A Handy Chart to Live By
Why did Jesus fold the napkin?
God vs. Science
Altars are no longer needed for Sacrifice
The Altar Call
Exodus Miracles
John 3:16 Emailed Story
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