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The Definition of the word Antipas


(1.) Herod Antipas, a son of Herod the Great by his Samaritan wife Malthace. He was tetrarch of Galilee and Peraea during the whole period of our Lord's life on earth (Luke 23:7). He was a "frivolous and vain prince, and was chargeable with many infamous" "crimes (Mark 8:15; Luke 3:19; 13:31, 32). He beheaded John the" "Baptist (Matt. 14:1-12) at the instigation of Herodias, the wife" "of his half-brother Herod-Philip, whom he had married. Pilate" sent Christ to him when he was at Jerusalem at the Passover "(Luke 23:7). He asked some idle questions of him, and after" "causing him to be mocked, sent him back again to Pilate. The" "wife of Chuza, his house-steward, was one of our Lord's" disciples (Luke 8:3). "(2.) A "faithful martyr" (Rev. 2:13), of whom nothing more is certainly known.

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