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The Definition of the word Araunah


Agile; also called Ornan 1 Chr. 21:15, a Jebusite who dwelt in Jerusalem before it was taken by the Israelites. The destroying "angel, sent to punish David for his vanity in taking a census of" "the people, was stayed in his work of destruction near a" threshing-floor belonging to Araunah which was situated on Mount "Moriah. Araunah offered it to David as a free gift, together" with the oxen and the threshing instruments; but the king insisted on purchasing it at its full price (2 Sam. 24:24; 1 "Chr. 21:24, 25), for, according to the law of sacrifices, he" could not offer to God what cost him nothing. On the same place Solomon afterwards erected the temple (2 Sam. 24:16; 2 Chr. 3:1). (See [23]ALTAR.)

The Old Testament

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